//Repair or Replace my Roof? | Rockwall TX Roofing

Repair or Replace my Roof? | Rockwall TX Roofing

There will be a point in time in the lifespan of your roofing system when the roof needs to be replaced.  Whether it is a 100 year old home with a long lasting Repair or Replace my Roof? | Rockwall TX Roofing 7 09 2005 010metal roof, or a home with a shingled roof, at some point the roof will have to be repaired and eventually replaced.  Given that there is a large cost involved with roof replacements, homeowners often wait as long as possible before replacing their roof.

When Repairing is a Good Idea

Having a repair done on your roof is obviously the least expensive of the two options.  If there is a small and localized leak, a repair might be the best option for you.  For example, sometimes a leak is present because of flashing issues, or a few shingles may have slid out of place.  These are not indications that the roofing system is ready for replacement, rather just common aging issues that can be addressed with a repair.  We recommend hiring a professional for roof repairs because these could potentially extend the life of your roofing system, and keep the inside of your home protected.

When it is Time to Replace

Replacing your roof is one of the largest home improvement investments that you will ever make.  With that being said, it is also one of the items that home owners put off for as long as possible.  There are a few ways to tell when roof replacement is necessary.

If your roof has constant leaks, in various areas of the roofing system, despite numerous repairs being made, this is normally a sign that it is time to replace your roof.  If there has been a large amount of damage to the shingles or the roof surface that cannot be properly repaired to protect the inside of your home for an extended period of time.  If you notice that your asphalt shingles are buckling or curling.  These are all signs that roof replacement is necessary.  Making repairs to these types of issues will only very temporarily protect the inside of your home.

Get your Rockwall roofing system evaluated by a professional!  Alpine Roofing Construction gives free estimates, and will evaluate your roofing system to determine whether repairs can be made or if it is time to replace your roof! Give us a call at 972-951-7011.

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