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Project Description

Hawaiian Falls

Metal Roofing Dallas

If you are looking for a metal roofing Dallas company? look no further than Alpine Roofing Construction a company with 20 years experience in commercial and Residential Metal Roofing.  Alpine Roofing installed the Dallas Metal Roofing Custom-Bilt Standing Seam Roofing System at Hawaiian Falls.

Modern metal roofing systems come in nearly an infinite amount of colors, many finishes and are extremely flexible in terms of shapes and curves. The material choices of Aluminium, Steel, Copper, and Zinc also offer their own individual design and finish options.

A standing seam metal roof can provide excellent acoustic ability when coupled with complimentary materials that form a structural barrier to minimize drumming and sound attenuation. An engineered combination of perforated metal roof deck profiles and acoustic insulation can drastically reduce sound reverberation. Omnis can deliver Class A absorption if required.

Sustainability is not just desirable any longer, it’s becoming more and more mandatory, with stringent building and energy codes being updated and introduced each year. Based on this fact, it’s even more important that you are provided with materials and systems which help you meet these ever-changing requirements.

A standing seam metal roof can deliver an excellent thermal performance which can help reduce a building’s overall energy waste and can deliver substantial savings over its lifetime.

The surface of the standing seam metal roof is reflective, which literally reverts solar heat back into the atmosphere, rather than being absorbed into the building. Thus, helping to reduce air conditioning costs. If painted in lighter colors it will reflect even more solar radiation.

Your search for the leading Metal Roofing Dallas Company is over, call the experts at Alpine Roofing Construction today for a roofing consultation.

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