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Dallas Metal Roofing

Dallas Commercial Roofing, Dallas Metal Roofing dallas metal roofing Comerica Bank – Dallas Metal Roofing 100 2758 metal fullAlpine Roofing Construction is your Award Winning Dallas Metal Roofing experts. We have 20 years of experience in installing maintaining and repairing Metal roofing systems throughout Texas. From standing seam, corrugated iron, brass and metal shingles.

Metal roofs are durable, fire retardant and relatively maintenance free. Metal roofing is a great alternative to shingle roofs due to its longevity making it ideal for commercial and industrial roofing applications. One of the most popular commercial metal roofing applications is a standing seam metal roof. A standing seam metal roof is a succession of vertically-oriented, standing/laying sheet metal roofing panels secured in place by concealed fasteners, and connected side by side by means of an overlapping/locking mechanism forming a raised rib/standing seam. The metal panels are joined at the sides, with a connecting/overlapping panel-lock forming a raised seam as a joining line in between the panels. Its strength and durability make it ideal for Dallas Metal Roofing Installations.

For the longest time, metal roofs meant corrugated panels, or standing-seam applications, which often had a commercial appearance. Today, metal roofing products are available to fit every architectural style. From stone covered shingles and shakes to copper roofing today’s metal roofing has the ability to not only offer durability but also outstanding architectural design. Metal roofing products can be stamped into many shapes and are typically installed as interlocking panels with hidden fasteners. With an endless variety of textures and colors ask Alpine Roofing Construction your Dallas Metal Roofing experts for a design consultation.