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Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels

Metal Roofing Systems

Alpine Roofing Construction as part of their metal roofing systems iinstallsInsulated Metal Panels. These panels have many advantages including:

  • Metal Roofing Systems insulated metal panels metal roofing systems Metal Roofing Systems – Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels Kingspan panelsGain longer spanning capabilities requiring fewer structural supports than similar building materials, which may reduce the building’s framing cost in both material and labor
  • Lightweight and arrive to job site ready for installation allowing for faster and easier installation, reducing labor costs and providing earlier business starts and quicker payback on the capital investment
  • Due to high insulating capabilities, less insulation space is needed to comply with building energy codes leading to maximized enclosed space
  • Provide an architecturally pleasing appearance with our concealed fastener profiles
  • Versatility, can be used as part of your wall or metal roofing systems
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and profiles and can be customized to meet the needs, design and function of most construction applications
  • Offered in a vast selection of applied finishes, allowing the building’s exterior to resemble a precast or stucco, masonry and other conventional construction materials
  • Adaptable for use with many other building materials including concrete tilt-up, stucco, brick, block, singleskin metal panels, glazing and EIFS
  • Requires minimal maintenance that can lead to potential cost savings over the lifetime of the building
  • Alleviate water wicking, as common with fiberglass insulation, because of the closed cell nature of the foam
  • Ancillary cost reductions related to increased energy efficiency, HVAC equipment capacity reductions and more

Insulated Metal Panels come in a variety of coatings and textured finishes to suit all of your needs.  These panel offers a multitude of design options. It can be utilized for roof or wall applications. The standard exterior skin is smooth but can be embossed if requested. The interior skin is roll-formed with our standard stucco-embossed. Talk to the Metal Roofing Systems experts today at Alpine Roofing Construction for a free insulated panel system for your commercial or industrial property.