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Metal Roofing Benefits

Metal Roofing Benefits metal roofing benefits Metal Roofing Benefits IMG 6180The principal metal roofing benefits are in relation to its longevity. Manufacturers routinely offer 50-year warranties and even lifetime, warranties. A metal roof in comparison to an asphalt shingle will last two to four times longer saving the cost of re-roofing. By avoiding one or two re-roofing jobs during the life of the metal roof, you will more than offset the higher initial cost. This will also save on insurance premiums. Near-term, a new metal roof recoups a bit more of its installation cost upon home resale than a new asphalt roof.

There are many other Metal Roofing Benefits, especially in the hot Dallas summers. metal roofs are lightweight, sometimes allowing them to be installed directly over old roofs. And when metal roofing is painted with specially formulated “cool pigments”, solar energy is reflected and emitted. This ability to reflect solar energy intern reduces the amount of heat that is transferred into the attic. This reduces cooling costs in the harsh Texas summers.

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Additionally, metal roofs are effective in preventing the spread of fire when hot embers fall on them (i.e., from the brush, grass, and forest fires or in an urban setting from nearby structural fires). In fact, some insurance companies will give you a discount if you have a metal roof. Contact your insurance agent for full details. In addition, metal roofing is made with a large percentage of recycled metal—often 95 percent—and when its useful life is done, it can be recycled again. No worries about it filling up dwindling space in landfills.

In addition to insurance savings, one the metal roofing benefits is there have been tax credits available for the installation of energy efficient roofing. For current information on available state and federal tax credits go to www.energy.gov and www.irs.gov.

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