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Ludowici Roof Tile Ludowici Ludowici clearludoLudowici Roof Tile based in New Lexington Ohio has been in continuous operation since 1888.We produce over 30 profiles in 60 standard colors and offer custom color and profile capability that is unmatched worldwide. With a water absorption rate of less than 2% our tiles have a life expectancy exceeding 100 years. All tiles come with a standard 75 year warranty that includes color fastness.

For over a century, Ludowici clay roof tile has been renowned by architects for its beauty and durability. A roof crafted from Ludowici roof tile typically lasts well over a century, and is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program, including a 75-year warranty.

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Considered over the lifespan of a house or historic building, a clay tile roof is a bargain. This colorful, richly dimensioned, historically appropriate roofing material can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance and care. It’s also exceptionally durable. Fire resistant and capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, clay tile even survives earthquakes. It’s no wonder that clay tile has been one of the premier roofing choices for millennia. If your home has an original tile roof, by all means keep it. As a rule, the fasteners and underlayment-even lead-coated copper flashing-will fail long before the tile will. An original roof is especially valuable because it is part of the architecture of an old house or old historic commercial property.

Shape. While literally hundreds of types of roofing tile have been made throughout history, most styles available today fit one of six or seven basic shapes. These include Spanish (or “S”), Mission (also called barrel), shingle (or slab), English, French, and Roman (or pan). Variations on shingle tiles alone include textured (or “rustic”) tiles, thick and irregular slab or “crude” tiles, and cambered tiles. The concave shapes of exposed Spanish, Mission, and Roman tiles create undulating patterns and interesting shadow lines. Deeply grooved French tiles and interlocking English shingles offer well-defined shadow lines, while flat or cambered shingle tiles afford softer edges.

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