//Hail Damage to your Roof | Dallas Roofing

Hail Damage to your Roof | Dallas Roofing

The North Texas area was widely hit by hail and strong storms in 2011.  Roofs of all types were compromised, and in need of replacement.  Hail Damage to your Roof | Dallas Roofing hail 300x225Thousands of home and business owners in the Dallas area have had their roofs replaced due to hail damage, and their insurance has covered the cost.  However, there are a lot of homes and commercial buildings that still have hail damage, but have yet to have their roofs replaced.  The process is extremely easy, and with the help of an experienced Dallas roofing company, you can have a new roof in a few weeks! It is important to take advantage of this opportunity to have your roof replaced for little or no cost to you!

If your roof was hit by hail, and you have not had it replaced yet, you are putting the interior of your residence or business at risk to being damaged by future storms. Hailstones pound down on your roof causing damage to your roofing system, which makes it less effective in protecting the structure underneath it.  When a roof has suffered damage from a hail storm, this will most likely lead to a leak in your roofing system.

If you are unsure if your roof has been damaged by one of the several 2011 hailstorms to come through the Dallas area, our roofing professionals can help you determine if you have suffered enough damage to qualify for an insurance claim, and assist you in the next steps you will need to take in dealing with your insurance company!

Some insurance companies do have limitations on the time frame for filing a claim after your roof has sustained damage, so it is important to have your roof evaluated by a professional as soon as possible.  Alpine Roofing Construction provides free Dallas roofing estimates, and have helped thousands of customers over the past year through the insurance claim process.  Give us a call at 214-528-9897.

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