//Hail Damage in Saginaw TX | Saginaw Roofing

Hail Damage in Saginaw TX | Saginaw Roofing

We were recently called to a home in Saginaw that had been heavily damaged by hail, and in need of a roof replacement.  We found it interesting that there was a lack of roofing activity in the area.  There was recently golf ball sized hail in the Saginaw area, and we feel that homeowners may be unaware of the damage their roof may have sustained.

Once your roof has been damaged by hail, it is important to get it evaluated by a reliable Saginaw roofing company, and call your insurance company.Hail Damage in Saginaw TX | Saginaw Roofing DSC00318 300x225  There could possibly be lingering leak issues that will surface if the hail damage is not addressed.  If you are unsure if there is damage or not, call Alpine Roofing Construction, we give free estimates, so there is   We get calls from a lot of homeowners who say “I can’t see any damage from the ground.”  Unfortunately, you cannot always tell from the ground level if the roof has sustained damage, we have had many instances where you cannot see the extent of the damage until you are actually on the roof.  Again, this is why calling a reputable roofing company is important.  You need someone who is experienced and knows what they’re looking for to evaluate the roofing system for damage.

If it is determined that your roof has sustained damage, Alpine Roofing Construction can help you through the insurance claim process.  It is a relatively easy process, and with the help from one of our project managers, there should be no issues.  After your insurance company has come out to evaluate the roof, we will review the claim paperwork for you to ensure that they are allotting the appropriate amount of money for your claim.  If any changes are needed, we can work with you and the insurance company to get any additional funds needed.  If you suspect or are unsure if your roof has hail damage, give us a call at 817-200-4848!

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