//Frisco TX Energy Efficient Roof Installation

Frisco TX Energy Efficient Roof Installation

One of the hottest trends in roofing right now is energy efficient roofing systems.  As you know, the temperature in Texas can be brutal, and a lot of people are looking for long term solutions to save money, and even help the environment while you’re saving money!  Energy efficient roofing systems are not only smart for saving on your energy bills, but it is also a great way to give your home or business a facelift!  Here are a few options…

One of the most basic energy efficient roofing options doesn’t really involve your roof…but thought it was important to at least throw in a little information, since it is relatively low in cost.  Radiant barrier foil can be installed into your attic, and block 97% of radiant heat transfer.  This helps in both the summer and winter months by keeping the heat out in the summer, and keeping the heat inside in the winter!  Most homeowners will see up to a 50% saving on their monthly energy costs because their A/C will normally run about 1/3 of its’ normal operating time, and the radiant barrier will normally pay for itself within 1 ½ – 4 ½ years.

“Cool Shingles” are another energy efficient option, they are a shingle that are made with special granules that have a greater level of reflectivity Frisco TX Energy Efficient Roof Installation 03METALWORKS AstonWood TimberBrown 300x161than traditional shingles, which will minimize the transfer of heat into your attic and living space below, and in turn will help lower the cost of cooling your home in the summer months.

Most metal roofing systems will also significantly improve energy efficiency.  Tamko’s MetalWorks shingles are made from galvanized steel, and coated with a special reflective paint.  They are EnergyStar rated, so you will qualify for a tax credit!  The shingles are rated UL Class A for fire resistance, are class 4 impact resistant, and come with a 50 year warranty.  These will also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance.

These are just a few highly efficient roofing options, if you’re interested in learning about other various roofing materials that qualify as energy efficient, give us a call at 214-528-9897 or check out our website www.AlpineRoofingConstruction.com.  We are a locally owned and operated Frisco TX roofing company, and give free estimates!

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