//Euless TX Roofing | Storm Damage

Euless TX Roofing | Storm Damage

There were reports of baseball sized hail in Euless and surrounding areas earlier this week.  This size hail can do significant damage to most types of roofingEuless TX Roofing | Storm Damage hail damage roof 1 300x225 systems.  We recommend having your roof inspected by a reputable Euless roofing company to determine if your roof has sustained any type of damage.

There are good indicators as to whether your roof has been damaged from hail.  Sometimes an untrained eye will not be able to tell, but these are good things to look for:

Look at your gutters.  If they have dents or dings from hail, it is likely that your shingles do too.

Inspect your interior ceilings.  Signs of a leak are an obvious indicator there is something going on with your roof

You can also try to look at the shingles or vents on your roof.  (We recommend having this done by a professional, but if you would like to look for yourself)  If there are dents or divots consistently throughout your shingles and vents, you have hail damage.

Figuring out whether or not you have hail damage is really easy, we recommend calling a Euless TX roofing company, and they can tell you in a few minutes if your roof would qualify for an insurance claim.

Alpine Roofing Construction gives free estimates, and we would be glad to come take a look at your roof to determine if your roof has been damaged by hail.  You have nothing to lose, the estimate is free, and if we determine that you do have hail damage, you could get a brand new roof for little out of pocket.  If your roof has been damaged by hail and you do not address the situation, your house is not being properly protected!

Give us a call at 817-727-4286!

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