//Choosing the Right Grapevine Roofing Company for your Home

Choosing the Right Grapevine Roofing Company for your Home

First off, we recommend meeting with roofing companies face to face to discuss their qualifications.  You can tell a lot more about a company meeting with them in person than you can over the phone or via email. Roofing is our job, but we are very enthusiastic about our work, and care about each individual home that we work on.  You shouldn’t hire a contractor that doesn’t show a high level of enthusiasm about your project, you should feel confident that they are really interested in the best outcome for your hoChoosing the Right Grapevine Roofing Company for your Home 100 1388 1024x767me.

Find a Grapevine Roofing company that “knows their stuff.”  Make sure they know the technical aspect of roofing practices.  Details of the roof replacement and repair process are really important.  A competent roofer will provide you with good advice on which products are best, explanations of certain procedures, and most importantly a leak free roof when the job is complete!

There are important questions to ask a roofer when deciding which contractor to select:

First and most importantly, Do they have insurance?

Can they provide you a list of references?

What type of warranty do they provide for the work they do?

Will they provide an extended or upgraded warranty through the manufacturer?

What type of time frame will there be for your work to be completed?

Use common sense when dealing with contractors.  The State of Texas does not require roofing contractors to have a license (surprising, isn’t it!?) Be very skeptical if you receive a price that is far lower than other estimates you have received.  A lot of fly-by-night contractors’ will be able to price your project very low, but these contractors are probably uninsured, do not perform high quality work, and will not be there if you need them in 5-10 years!

Do your research on each Grapevine roofing contractor before you make your choice.  Search the internet for past customer reviews, contact the references that were provided, and check their rating with the Better Business Bureau.  This way you can have peace of mind in knowing that your job will be done right.

Alpine Roofing Construction is the reputable roofing company you’re looking for!  Feel free to check us out online, ask us for references, and look us up on the BBB.  We have all the necessary components to get your job done right!  Call us for a free estimate at 817-727-4286!

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